nct5573D missing fans

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Hi guys,

Asrock mobo C2550D4I has NCT5573D chip (at least they say in the mobo
manual) and here is sensors-detect output:
Found `Nuvoton NCT5577D/NCT6776F Super IO Sensors'          Success!
    (address 0x290, driver `nct6775')

Motherboard has 6 fan connectors cpu1&2, front 1&2 and rear 1&2, but if I
load nct6775 driver on ubuntu 14.04.3-64bit, I do see only fan1 and fan2
(and pwm1 and pwm2) and I have a trouble to control them (manual mode,
4-wire fan). If I use sensor monitoring in build-in BMC web interface, I
could at least see all 6 fans...

Is there anything that could be done in the config file or driver changes
are required to support this motherboard?


PS. do you have any info why is down?
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