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On 10/06/2015 03:43 AM, Alexey Orishko wrote:
Hi guys,

Asrock mobo C2550D4I has NCT5573D chip (at least they say in the mobo manual) and here is sensors-detect output:
Found `Nuvoton NCT5577D/NCT6776F Super IO Sensors'          Success!
     (address 0x290, driver `nct6775')

Motherboard has 6 fan connectors cpu1&2, front 1&2 and rear 1&2, but if I load nct6775 driver on ubuntu 14.04.3-64bit, I do see only fan1 and fan2 (and pwm1 and pwm2) and I have a trouble to control them (manual mode, 4-wire fan). If I use sensor monitoring in build-in BMC web interface, I could at least see all 6 fans...

Is there anything that could be done in the config file or driver changes are required to support this motherboard?

ASRock uses gpio multiplexers to switch fan inputs. Configuring those
is tricky. See
for some examples. Unfortunately this depends on the board. On top of that,
if BMC accesses the chip, the BMC likely reprograms the multiplexers as
needed, meaning the kernel would never be in full control even if it tried.

Maybe this could somehow be handled, but I have no idea how.


PS. do you have any info why <> is down?

The web site owner moved to Greece and does not respond to queries.


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