Re: dosemu and accessibility

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02.05.2021 23:50, Jude DaShiell пишет:
What are building prerequisites for the freecom package?

Perhaps OpenWatcom.
Which is probably an even worse
option than to mess with djgpp.

Researching it, I just learned slackware has no soundfonts package in any
of its repositories normally configured to work with slint.  I'm glad I'm
documenting stuff in!  Is there an url for soundfonts that
will work once built and installed?
Likely this:

soundfonts isn't available anywhere in
slint yet.  That's probably also on the way.
They aren't a hard requirements.
Might just generate some errors on
start, if their lack is coupled with an
outdated fluidsynth.
If you have dosemu2 crashed, its
something else.

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