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Alright, I will continue with top posting then. I think arch would help a lot as it has more packages, also through AUR. I would recommend starting from scratch and installing the fdpp, comcom32 and dosemu2 packages. fdpp and comcom32 provide a DOS environment inside dosemu2, so you do not have to provide a copy of dos. You can still do so if that is preferable however.

Op 31-03-2021 om 14:13 schreef Jude DaShiell:
Yes, easier to get to with top posting.  Slackware hasn't yet got dosemu2 but archlinux has it in git and since hard drives are interchangeable here I can run archlinux.

On Wed, 31 Mar 2021, Julius Schwartzenberg wrote:

Are mail replies at the top easier for you to process?

It would be better to move to DOSEMU2 as nobody can really help with the older version anymore. Do you have the ability to sign up for a GitHub account? To receive the mails on dosemu2 one has to log on to GitHub and press "watch" and then "all activity" at the top of of this page:

Let it know if that turns out to be difficult. Using dumb or terminal mode would indeed seem the easiest way to have dosemu accessible as those modes are entirely text based. Are you aware of graphical software for dos that has accessibility features?

Op 30-03-2021 om 21:59 schreef Jude DaShiell:
 Hi, I have cloned stuff from github before and built it on my system. This  distribution is slint.  When packages are new, may have a  SlackBuild script made for the package so others can install it on slint
 and on slackware.  Slint is slackware international version and is at ; All of this work was done in dosemu
 I learned sdl exposes no accessibility information at all so it's
 unuseable for any screen readers.  I thought that was the case and got it
 confirmed by a sighted person doing accessibility work on orca.  I'm
 running dosemu with espeakup and will try it later with provox and tdsr
 two other console screen readers.
 Better yet to move on up to dosemu2 as well.  Thanks for the heads up on  this and if dosemu2 has its own email list I'd like to subscribe to that

 On Tue, 30 Mar 2021, Julius Schwartzenberg wrote:

 Hi Jude,

 Op 29-03-2021 om 10:43 schreef Jude DaShiell:
  I put a .dosemurc and .mtoolsrc file together since a long-standing
  has some dos applications he'd like to run and both of us are blind.
 I saw some of your previous messages and I think it is important to
 highlight that as you are blind, you are using different equipment than
 what previous respondents probably assumed you were using.

 This mailing list is barely used anymore by the rest of the DOSEMU user
 community and so are all the 1.x versions of DOSEMU. There is now a
 GitHub project started by Stas, the DOSEMU 2 project, with versioning to  be 2.x based and interaction went over to the infrastructure that GitHub
 is providing. The accessibility consequences of this were most likely
 never taken into consideration.

 Unfortunately it is not something that can be changed overnight, but I
 think it would be appropriate to strive to fix this, especially if you
 would be interested in being more involved and/or there might be even
 more DOSEMU users in a similar situation.

 My proposal would be to set up some simple webpages that are friendly to
 screen readers and braille devices as part of the new DOSEMU 2 project
 with instructions to install newer packages particularly for
 distributions that handle screen readers and braille screens well or at  least the distributions popular among users of such devices. Maybe your
 .dosemurc and .mtoolsrc could be provided as well.

 There could possibly be an instruction to sign up your e-mail address as  a so-called watcher to the DOSEMU 2 project or maybe we could link this  mailing list so it watches the DOSEMU 2 project. The amount of traffic is  quite significant, on some days only a few messages, but sometimes there  might be over 20 mails a day. Note that you can respond to those messages
 by e-mail and the replies will by part of the conversation as usual.
 Searching online I found a community on GitHub called Blind Computing.
 Maybe we could ask them for advice.

 How easy would it be for you to upgrade to a newer DOSEMU if packages are
 not provided by your distribution? Which distribution are you using?
 What do you think of my proposals regarding the mails?

 Here is the GitHub project for DOSEMU 2, I do not know if you can access
 it comfortably:

 Here is the page on the Blind Computing website about contributing to
 their GitHub project:

 Best regards,

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