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Apparently some other developer is updating dosemu1 to dosemu2 on
slackware and hasn't yet finished that process.  When I installed dosemu,
dosemu2 was what slint installed.  Probably comcom32 or freecom will
become available and added to the dosemu dependencies along with
fluidsynth-dssi and jack though soundfonts isn't available anywhere in
slint yet.  That's probably also on the way.

On Sun, 2 May 2021, stsp wrote:

> 02.05.2021 21:23, Jude DaShiell ?????:
> > Slint findings.  For those that don't know, slint is the international
> > version of slackware and has had considerable accessibility upgrades done
> > to it by its maintainer Didier Spaier.
> > Findings, most of dosemu2 will build.  The show stopper is comcom32 and
> > why that is is recipe for command.o fails to build.
> This is indeed a show-stopper most of
> the time. You need djgpp to build it,
> which is a great pain to build by itself.
> You can try djgpp from here:
> or from here:
> Maybe one of these will build.
> But the common suggestion so far,
> is to put the pre-built comcom32.exe
> to its source dir, and do "make install",
> pretending as if it was built.
> > The dosemu2 run process crashed since it didn't have comcom32 or freecom
> It shouldn't crash because of that.
> There might be other errors too, if
> it did.
> > and it complained about several packages being too old.
> It might be telling you that soundfonts
> are not installed, in addition to fluidsynth
> being too old. Installing soundfonts should
> fix that.

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