Re: Install DR-DOS 7.0 into dosemu on Linux Mint (Debian)

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15.08.2013 18:59, Frantisek Hanzlik пишет:
  Of course, I personally shall be happy to see DOSEMU
in Linux distributions too.
Someone have to write a compiler for for FreeDOS and release
it under GPL. :)
Yeah, it would be super, but we need be realistic...
It seems it is not entirely unrealistic, see this for instance:
Not sure about the status of that project though...

Another possibility may be to add the support for far
pointers to bcc:

And yet another possibility is to write something on top
of llvm...

Another possibility might be to re-target sdcc, as mentioned
Actually I was even contributing to sdcc 10 years ago,
but now it seems to have grown by the order of magnitude,
so I don't know if it is still as simple as it was.

All of these projects are difficult enough, but are quite possible
for anyone motivated.
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