Re: Install DR-DOS 7.0 into dosemu on Linux Mint (Debian)

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15.08.2013 12:06, Frantisek Hanzlik пишет:
> IMO almost all (or completely all) users in this list uses DOSEMU
> with FreeDOS (with benefits as free/open SW, still active evolved,
> well bonded with DOSEMU /Bart Oldeman is significant FreeDOS kernel
> developer/, wide free DOS utils support etc.).
> Thus, althougt with DOSEMU can be used perhaps any DOS, I think
> there isn't 'official' detailed instructions for DR-DOS - all docs
> is in man pages and texts from /doc/ DOSEMU directory.
> Maybe, when there in list will not be any DR-DOS+DOSEMU user, You
> can more detailed describe what You exactly need, and someone can
> help how did it with FreeDOS.
Please note that FreeDOS has a huge disadvantages.
- Cannot be built by any GPLed compiler, which is why, AFAIK,
dosemu is still in debian contrib. It is not "free" by the debian
- Is not compatible with Win3.1, while dosemu is declared to
be compatible with it.
So FreeDOS should be suggested with care.

I simply have a DOS partition dated ~1993, when FreeDOS
didn't even exist, and I use dosemu to boot from that.
So the FreeDOS users should correct me if some of the
points above are no longer valid.
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