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Thanks Stas for your patience...

so if thet was not an error but a good thing, i suggest that the message should be changed... it may help others in the future. (I know next-to-nothing about seting up automake, but it is just a suggestion)

So the prblem is in the compilation itself: I get an error in the first file (removing all the make messages):
gcc -c -MP -MMD -I../../src/include -I../../src/plugin/include -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -Wmissing-declarations -Wnested-externs -fno-strict-aliasing -mtune=a -pipe -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -o tools86.o tools86.c
) for -mtune= switch: bad value (auto
And that looks wrong! According do man gcc, "-mtune=cpu-type" and auto or a is not an option...

Has gcc changed, or is there some regresion in dosemu?
I have gcc 4.7.2 from ubuntu 12.10 64 bits

BTW, direct downolad in raw mode worked fine :)


Em 17-12-2012 18:56, Stas Sergeev escreveu:
17.12.2012 20:28, Alain Mouette пишет:

(I had to force to convet congigure, it was recognized as binary...)
You've got real problems...
I've just checked and there are no ^M in configure, and
"dos2unix -f" doesn't change it.

IIrC git has some embedded function that may be doing that, it is
suposed to eliminate ^M when cloning to linux...
Great, then get it from here:

and see if there are ^M or not.

2) now, running ./configure, I am getting an error about clang
checking for clang...... no
That's not an error!

Ok, but please, what is the error? requiring clang, not detecting it,
or something else?
I clarified the massage. Now it will write
checking for gcc actually being clang...... no
which will hopefully make you feel better. :)

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