Re: EMM386 not installed - protected mode software already running.

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Bryan J Smith wrote:
If it's PharLap286, I want to almost say -- for certain -- it's first-gen, Ring 0 gobbling VCPI.

Again, an additional test is to try it on 32-bit NT (4-6) and its NTVDM. If it doesn't work (try several), then it's not DPMI compatible and taking issue with


I also mentioned DOSBox. DOSBox can actually emulate Ring 0, including for some VCPI programs. According to the status page, it seems to be limited to Origin


doesn't require DOS itself. DOSEmu is more like a virtualized DPMI environment, and then you run DOS under it -- like NTVDM in NT/Windows, although Microsoft


P.S. For several years Concurrent (among others) was marketing itself as a networked/remote terminal, multiuser DOS solution. Understand these solutions are based on DR-DOS and DPMI-based DPMS, and will also be incompatible with VCPI if those services load. Only Real86 DOS without anything using DPMI or an emulated DOS under another OS, with Ring 0 available (emulated) will work, for most of those early extenders.

Another possibility is to run something like QEMU or BOCHS. I've had
good success with QEMU and the kernel extension. It runs at nearly
native speed for most functions. One would have to have a legal
version of MSDOS, or possibly FreeDOS would work.

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