EMM386 not installed - protected mode software already running.

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More on the "Hoo Boy this is going to be interesting" front:

I've made a little progress with the previous problems, now realizing that the system needs to be initialized.

I have (I think) copied the files necessary for system initialization to a directory under ~/.dosemu and switched my dosemu.conf to point to this directory for boot. I know this configuration is correct because it behaves differently than when it is not present - namely the system does not successfully load. This directory, unlike the stock one, is set up for MS-DOS, not for FreeDOS.

The symptom manifests itself as an error message eventually leading to a non-load of the system. Typing F8 during config.sys initialization shows me the following as it steps through my config.sys

SHELL=c:\dos\command.com c:\dos\ /E:1024 /P[Y,N]?Y
DEVICE=C:\DOS\EMM386.EXE frame=none x=C000-C7FF x=E000-E7FF  [Y,N]?Y
EMM386 not installed - protected mode software already running.

What does this mean?  What protected mode software is already running?

Please forgive my noob questions but it's almost 20 years since I worked with DOS or had to think about HIMEM.SYS, EMM386.EXE and the like.

Steve Cohen
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