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Okay, I am engaged in an effort trying to determine whether or not DOSEMU offers any hope as a path to porting a complicated legacy DOS application to more modern hardware as our stocks of available DOS-compliant hardware are diminishing to the danger point and replacements are no longer available.

To that end, I've downloaded DOSEMU onto a Ubuntu 10.04 system and it seems to work reasonably out of the box.

A very naive attempt to test the compatibility involved copying the executable in question to a drive accessible to DOSEMU, starting DOSEMU and running the application.

I start dosemu by simply typing the dosemu command, and a "DOS BOX" comes up in a different window. All the normal stuff is doable. But when I cd into the directory where I've placed my executable and then execute it, it blows up the DOS BOX (closes it) and in my original xterm window I now see:

OUCH! attempt to execute interrupt table - quickly dying

Well, I said this was a naive attempt. But I have two weeks to get this to work. Can someone tell me what this error message indicates and where I might possibly go to figure out how to fix it?

Steve Cohen
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