Interrupt jitter on Kuper Control RTMC48 Motion Control Card?

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Hi Group!

I am going to install dosbox on a linux system to use some old
proprietary control software that directly accesses an ISA-Card that
controls stepper motors.

Hardware: Pentium 233 or PentiumII 233 on ATX-Board with some
ISA-Slots and a  "Kuper Control RTMC48" Card (used for Motion Control
on is
a picture of its successor. It is used to control stepper motors.

I assume it is very important, to have very little interrupt jitter
with dosbox direct hardware access. I haven't seen the card itself (it
was built into an old computer on a Film Production Set) but I have
seen the system up and running. I will figure out its IRQ and IOPORT
and use DOSBOX's Direct hardware access.

Of cause it depends on how the card manages Timers, and in what manner
Interrupts are used. Is there anyone out there who got anything
comparable running satisfactory? I expect interrupt jitter to cause
the stepper timings to run out of range. Should I use a faster
Computer to start with? :D Hmm, maybe I should, but the jitter
question is the same. What are your suggestions and experiences?

Stefan Diercks
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