Dosemu working flawlessly on one computer, but not on another one.

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We've been using for a while dosemu in a server running fedora core 8 and after ditching freedos and installing ms-dos 6.22 everything is running fine. Now that we're adding a lot more users we need a second server but exactly the same version and configuration of dosemu is not working on the new one. It's running Fedora Core 10; MS-DOS boots and simple programs seem to be working (edit, the dosemu utilities, etc), but the program we need to use simply hangs when it's starting. Other programs seem to have problems. For example, pkzip/pkunzip won't run saying: "DPMI: Unhandled Exception 0e - Terminating Client" when it's using freedos or "DPMI: Unhandled Exception 06 - Terminating Client" when it's using ms-dos 6.22.
The two are  64 bits, so there's no difference there.
Any ideas of what can it be ?
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