Re: dosemu, powerbasic program, centos 5 and Fedora 10

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On Wed, 11 Mar 2009 22:47:15 -0600
Frank Cox wrote:

> On Wed, 11 Mar 2009 18:27:23 -0600
> Frank Cox wrote:
> > Again, it runs fine on Centos 5/i386 but crashes on Fedora 10/x86_64.
> It's not an x86_64 issue because the program crashes on my Fedora 10/i386
> laptop as well.

This entry from boot.log looks interesting.  This is what happens when I run
the tester.exe program that I posted on my website earlier:

leavedos(47810|0xbac2) called - shutting down
======================= LEAVE CPU-EMU ===============
Total cpuemu time           765361 us (incl.trace)
Total codgen time            77690 us
Total linker time            61078 us
Total exec   time           288623 us (incl.faults)
Total insert time            60485 us
Total search time            21702 us
Total clean  time            21876 us
Max tree nodes                2274
Max node size                  354
Max tree depth                  13
Nodes parsed                106881
Find misses                  73658
Nodes executed              483065
Find hits                   148561 (30%)
Find last hits              334504 (69%)
Page faults                  36805
Signals received               238
Tree cleanups                   14

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