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Hi Stuart,

Stuart Axon wrote:
Just for reference - It's not a game - demos can be thought of as more
like computer art (ref)

thanks for explanation and references. But what Wikipedia says about
this demo, they heavy use direct hardware access, which may be
probably very difficult to emulation in any emulator, dosemu.

For reference, second reality worked pretty well on a 486 33mhz
running DOS, gravis ultrasound is recommended (obviously this won't
work here), I've never seen a real gravis so don't know what it sounds
like with that.

The 100% CPU is certainly plausible as it's possible they did some
funny things in that program.

Maybe their doing something odd with the screenmode that causes the
black screen (it looks like 320x200 vga, but certainly could be some
weird ModeX varient)
I tested SR on my other PC (P4 Northwood 2.4GHz/1GB RAM/Fedora 10/
kernel), results are rather poor:

- GeForce4 Ti4200 AGP8x w. Nvidia driver: sound so so, but black screen
with all SR parameters 1-5. Only with "u" param demo display stars.

- GeForce4 Ti4200 AGP8x w. opensource nv driver: almost same as previous,
only difference is with parameter "2" - first part is black screen,
second (from circular waves) seems good, but slow

. Radeon 9000, opensource radeon driver: SR works, but is slow

Core2Duo with:
- Radeon HD4350 or integrated Intel G35/GMA X3500 - works (slow too),
as I wrote in last mail.

I'll have another go in the next couple of days - (and will try and
leave it going a bit longer).
I was running dosemu in ubuntu on a 2.x ghz computer.

I think DOSEMU use SDL plugin for access to video card (and maybe to
sound too) and then with different types of them there are different
results. But it is question more likely for Bart Oldeman or Stas
Sergeev, who knows DOSEMU internals...

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