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Rafał Cygnarowski wrote:
I have similar configurations elsewhere. I use DosEMU + Novell Client to run sales program (based on clarion database). So locks works as they are expected to work.
I see. But for the msclient there is no way, so you'll
have to somehow deal with the dosemu locks at that point
(which are not).

Maybe... I can risk some unstability (and I'm doing this just becouse of choosing DosEmu instead of separate computer with DOS) but I can't risk data lost (at least not too much).
That's why the testing is due before running it on a
mission-critical data. If your data is so critical that
you can't even trust your own testing, then I guess
the software without a warranty is a bad choice for you. :)
Obviously you can't trust dosemu being called stable.
Have you seen dosemu-1.0.0 or 1.0.2? They were called "stable"...

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