Re: DVB-T USB dib0700 device recomendations?

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Hi Lars,

On Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 05:49:14PM +0200, Lars Buerding wrote:
> Hello Hendrik,
> >> out in the street and buying the first dib0700 device I'd like to know if 
> >> there are any devices that are 
> >>
> >> - especially good (sensitive reception, fast switch time, sensible tuner 
> >>   data (usable for comparing different antennas) and so on)
> >>
> >> or 
> >>
> >> - especially bad (invers of the above plus hardware bugs, annoyances and so
> >>   on..)
> >>     
> I bought this model a while ago:
> { "Hauppauge Nova-TD Stick/Elgato Eye-TV Diversity",
> This is the "Nova-TD" equipped with one standard and one small RF Connector
> (Adapter Small -> Standard is included). There is another model with two
> small RF-Connectors,  I dont know anything about this one.
> positive:
> - standard Hauppauge remote-control (until now, I did not find a better
>   one for my VDR)

Did you take a look at the Terratec remotes? They look quite good to me,too 
with color buttons and so on.. It looks a little cheaper than the
HAuppauge's remote but hopefully that's just due to the choice of colors.. 

Even the XXS seems to come with the full 48 buttons remote.

> - 2 seperate tuners
> negative:
> - I have massive problems receiving weak signals. If you dont live directly
>   beneath the radio tower, just dont buy it. For me, this is the main reason
>   why I just cant use it at home.

I do live close to the radio tower but some receivers have problem with some
channels when using a stick antenna. Thats why I switched to a cheapo do it
yourself double quad. Here's the link to the instructions in German:

And here's the google translation:

> - it does not work with my AMD-Board (SB700-Chipset), I have no problems
>   using it on my Laptop (Intel-Chipset) and another AMD-Desktop
> (Nvidia-Chipset).
>   I have found several reports in Mailinglists mentioning the same problems.

Thats wierd. So the usb controler on the Nova-TD and the host controler on
the SB700 are incompatible? 

> I also have a "Hauppauge Nova-T USB-2" (dib3000, large metal case) and a
> "Hauppauge WinTV Ministick" (Siano sms1xx-Chipset), the RF-Part of both
> devices is a far better one compared to the Nova-TD.

Is there a way to truely compare different receiver's quality? The
information that femon and tzap report (SNR, BER, UNC) are only what the
receiver itself says. 


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