Re: Multichannel analog I/O audio interface: experiences and tips

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* David Kastrup <dak@xxxxxxx> [2022-06-14 19:21]:
> It's sort of embarrassing but the Hammerfall DSP cards work with either
> the Expresscard adapter or an Expresscard-to-Cardbus adapter (the latter
> _has_ to map the PCI express lane of the Expresscard slot, not the USB
> lane) with the old Cardbus adapter.  It's ancient technology with 8
> line-in/line-out connectors and quite robust ADAT support, but in terms
> of the quality and latency of the available connections and driver
> support, it's still unprecedented.
> The Expresscard-to-Cardbus adapter solution is not overly convincing
> mechanically.  And you need to dig up the firmware for 64bit versions of
> Linux (no idea where I got my .deb from when I needed to upgrade).
Isn't it in alsa-firmware-loaders package? Or does it ship without the
actual firmware?
> And of course, Expresscard slots are a dying breed as well.

I am still using two Lenovo X230s for live work. They are amongst the
last laptops from this manufacturer with an ExpressCard slot. I think I
have earned a part of my living with an RME HDSP+Multiface for the last
twenty years. About three weeks ago the card cause a hard lockup of my
laptop in one of the last rehearsals for a concert which would require
it to work together with a 20 member ensemble in front of a 300+
audience. Had to replace it temporarily with a Motu B16. 
I had multiple problems with this RME card: Firmware would not load
randomly, or the card would be detected being connected to a digiface
with wrong firmware loading also randomly. In terms of features, quality
and latency this is amongst the best linux laptop cards. I think I have
to let it go after 20+ years now.

best, P
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