Re: Multichannel analog I/O audio interface: experiences and tips

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Motu AVB Interface are class complaint and can be managed over ethernet, has onboard mixer for local channels as well as AVB streams.

In theory, an optimal solution that can scale up to hundreds of channels as well as hundreds of meters.. but in practice, not so.

The USB implementation is buggy and to get it nice and stable, you need a very old firmware (which doesn't always work on newer revisions) or a kernel patch.

I have 3 Motu AVB devices but I cannot recommend them for linux usage.

On Tue, Jun 14, 2022, 16:10 Peter P. <peterparker@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi list,

* Brandon Hale <bthaleproductions@xxxxxxxxx> [2022-06-14 15:24]:
> Now for the downside: it has its own proprietary software that doesn't exist
> on Linux for digital processing and mixing. Basically, the interface has its
> own mixing utility that also allows one to apply limited dsp effects and
> mix/route audio. If you wanted to stay solely on Linux, this cannot be used.

That's the case with many USB audio interfaces in fact. I amquite
stubborn in this regard and don't want to pay for features that I will
not be able to use (especially sever with current RME devices). It is
hard to find multichannel class-compliant USB interfaces that don't
require some proprietary program. The Behringer umc1820 seems to be one.

Anyone knows other such interfaces?

best, P
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