Re: Multichannel analog I/O audio interface: experiences and tips

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Hi list,

* Brandon Hale <bthaleproductions@xxxxxxxxx> [2022-06-14 15:24]:
> Now for the downside: it has its own proprietary software that doesn't exist
> on Linux for digital processing and mixing. Basically, the interface has its
> own mixing utility that also allows one to apply limited dsp effects and
> mix/route audio. If you wanted to stay solely on Linux, this cannot be used.

That's the case with many USB audio interfaces in fact. I amquite
stubborn in this regard and don't want to pay for features that I will
not be able to use (especially sever with current RME devices). It is
hard to find multichannel class-compliant USB interfaces that don't
require some proprietary program. The Behringer umc1820 seems to be one. 

Anyone knows other such interfaces?

best, P
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