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Hey Jeanette,

I wanted to tell you my experience with the Tascam US-16x08 on Linux. First off, it works and shows up under alsa. You get the inputs and outputs which is really nice.

Now for the downside: it has its own proprietary software that doesn't exist on Linux for digital processing and mixing. Basically, the interface has its own mixing utility that also allows one to apply limited dsp effects and mix/route audio. If you wanted to stay solely on Linux, this cannot be used.

Now, if you buy the interface and it has a clean slate for its digital mixing/processing state, it may work just fine for your needs. But, if you buy it used, you may have to change it to that clean/stock slate first.

Let me know if you have any questions about the Tascam US-16x08, as it literally is sitting next to me at work and I can just plug it in and try out things for you when I have free time.

Brandon Hale

On 6/12/22 4:57 PM, Jeanette C. wrote:
Hey hey,
my two old Delta 1010 cards are definitely dying now. So I need replacement for all those analog I/Os. I have found three candidates: Behringer X Air XR18, Presonus ARC16C and Tascam u16x08(?) and would be glad if anyone could share experiences with them under Linux. I'm also looking for further alternatives (see my minimum requirements below). I definitely need multichannel audio coming from the device.

The Tascan appears to have many microphone inputs, which cannot serve for line level input, if that really is so, it's out.

The Behringer requires the app, which I have not been able to test, but its accessibility is not that important, if the XR18 will remember settings across power cycles.

The ARC16C's description reads very well, but there are many dubious reviews, perhaps it was an early "Monday" manufacturing problem though.

My requirements: one mic in (no need for +48V phantom power), one instrument in (Clavinet, I think it needs extra amping), at least 12 line level ins, 14 preferred. Four outputs (main out and to "sends" to outboard). No DSP, routing/bussing,... My workflow is purely centred in the box, using JACK for all connections.

Based on the three candidates, I'd say my price range has to go up to 700 EUR.

Any experiences and further suggestions are very much appreciated!

Best wishes,


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