Re: LDAP to query Active Directory?

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Robert Kulagowski wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 2, 2015 at 11:36 AM, Robert Kulagowski <rkulagow@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Has anyone configured GnuGK to query LDAP to confirm the existence of a record?
> >
> > We have GnuGK and Vidyo (using the Vidyo gateway product). Currently,
> > all users have a Vidyo account, and in Vidyo their "telephone number"
> > is the same as the "ipPhoneNumber" entry in AD.
> ...
> > If I can use LDAP to check for the existence of a dialed number then
> > it may be more dynamic.
> I've been reading more about LDAP; I'm not sure that it's going to do
> what I want.
> Ideally, something like this will happen.
> Call comes from Polycom to GnuGK with a dialed-destination of
> "12125551212". The explicit rule checks to see if it's registered.
> If not, then:
> Make a LDAP query for the dialed number, searching the user's
> telephoneNumber field. If LDAP comes back with anything other than a
> "couldn't find", then prepend a "#1" to the dialed number, which will
> then match the gateway prefix and send it to Vidyo.
> Will that be something that can be accomplished entirely internally,
> or do I need a LUA script or something else?

LDAP can do _lookup_ in the directory and replace the call destination
with the result of the lookup.

If you want to rewrite the result of the lookup, you need to use
another mechanism after that (either another routing policy or
an outgoing rewrite). Remember: Routing policies are chained!

Most rewrites inside GnuGk are rule based: "replace all X with Y".
If you want to express your rewriting in the procedural "IF x THEN y"
style, you have LUA, SQL stored procedures and external scripts as


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