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I am new to h323 technologies and gnukg in particular. I have managed to set up
gnugk in our internal lan and now trying to allow external access to it. We have
a cisco series 800 router with h323 gateway functionality (but no gatekeeper; at
least show gatekeeper command is not recognized). This router is used as a NAT
firewall between our internal LAN and internet. show gateway command reports that
cisco gateway is registered with our internal gatekeeper.

My question is, do I still need to forward all h323 related ports (1718...1720,
3000, 3001 and all TCP/UPD port ranges specified in gnugk config) explicitely to
gatekeeper PC or should cisco gateway provide proper commmunication to gnugk somehow?
When I try to register to cisco router specifying it as a server, registration
succeeds but gnugk service does not show any new registrations.

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