LDAP to query Active Directory?

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Has anyone configured GnuGK to query LDAP to confirm the existence of a record?

We have GnuGK and Vidyo (using the Vidyo gateway product). Currently,
all users have a Vidyo account, and in Vidyo their "telephone number"
is the same as the "ipPhoneNumber" entry in AD.

Because the Vidyo gateway is configured as an endpoint and not a
neighbor (you need to use "cluster mode" in order for it to do LRQ /
LRJ), currently I've got the Vidyo H.323 gateway configured as a
neighbor with two prefixes, and I have alias tables that take the
dialed number, prepend the prefix, and then the matched prefix means
that it gets directed to the Vidyo gateway, which strips the prefix
and sends the call to the user.

But, that's manually configured, because I have to update the gateway.ini file.

Even if I use SQL instead of updating the gateway.ini file, that's
still manual, because those records (the user's ipPhoneNumber) need to
get added to the table.

If I can use LDAP to check for the existence of a dialed number then
it may be more dynamic.

Currently I don't compile GnuGK with LDAP support, but I suppose I
could. I'm just curious if anyone has done something similar, or can
think of a better way to route calls to Vidyo.

Oh, and there's no way I'm going to convince my users to dial a prefix manually.


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