Re: LDAP to query Active Directory?

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On Fri, Oct 2, 2015 at 11:36 AM, Robert Kulagowski <rkulagow@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Has anyone configured GnuGK to query LDAP to confirm the existence of a record?
> We have GnuGK and Vidyo (using the Vidyo gateway product). Currently,
> all users have a Vidyo account, and in Vidyo their "telephone number"
> is the same as the "ipPhoneNumber" entry in AD.
> If I can use LDAP to check for the existence of a dialed number then
> it may be more dynamic.

I've been reading more about LDAP; I'm not sure that it's going to do
what I want.

Ideally, something like this will happen.

Call comes from Polycom to GnuGK with a dialed-destination of
"12125551212". The explicit rule checks to see if it's registered.
If not, then:
Make a LDAP query for the dialed number, searching the user's
telephoneNumber field. If LDAP comes back with anything other than a
"couldn't find", then prepend a "#1" to the dialed number, which will
then match the gateway prefix and send it to Vidyo.

Will that be something that can be accomplished entirely internally,
or do I need a LUA script or something else?


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