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On Sat, Jan 16, 2016 at 1:51 AM, Keith Packard <keithp@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> fontconfig caches per-directory, and stat's every directory at
> startup. Why is the cache for the sub directory not out-of-date?

Not exactly. fontconfig doesn't stat everey directory at runtime but
relies on the subdir list in the cache to traverse. so if it isn't
outdated and missing some, it won't be picked up by fontconfig.

>> I tried that before. it happened with it behaved that way. because
>> couldn't even detect the change from mtime so needed to check the
>> difference of the number of entries in both cache and fs.
> Is that just because the mtime is too coarse?

Not sure but perhaps it is. my memory is already vague and not sure if
it had a nano second in the mtime. so better testing anyway.

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