Re: Application startup performance

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On 12 Jan 2016, Keith Packard said:

> u-pnrz@xxxxxxxx writes:
>> I would rather postulate fc-cache to be run and risk ignoring some fonts
>> until this is done. Is the risk really significant? Distros run fc-cache,
>> users who add fonts on their own would know they have to run fc-cache.
> Yes, it's pretty clear we've gotten distros to understand that running
> fc-cache is required after installing fonts.

However, users who add fonts on their own would definitely *not* know,
and programs that do it are not currently explicitly running fc-cache,
so there'd be a big installed base problem to deal with.

I think automated out-of-date cache detection and cache updating must
stay for $HOME. It's only system fonts that are problematic for me
(though even for $HOME we need to avoid mega-statting, as now, and we
*also* need to be robust against filesystems with coarse-granularity
timestamps. Both of these behaviours currently appear to be broken.)

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