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Akira TAGOH <akira@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> As I mentioned in other mail, it was needed to avoid the races. to get
> rid of it completely, the logic of the cache updates may needs to be
> changed because keeping the directory information into the memory a
> long time causes that issue easily when recursively traversing
> directories.

As long as the timestamp written to the cache is the directory change
time when the scanning starts, then applications starting after that
will re-scan the directory if it was changed while the first application
was scanning. I guess I don't see how this (which is what I think the
code does) could cause a race?

Alternatively, the library could re-stat the directory after building
the cache, and before replacing it in the file system, discarding and
rescanning the directory if the timestamp has changed. Write out the
cache to a temporary file, check the directory change time and rename
the file to the permanent name only if the timestamps were the same.


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