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Le mercredi 05 mars 2008 à 19:29 -0500, Felix Miata a écrit :
> On 2008/03/05 20:43 (GMT+0100) Nicolas Mailhot apparently typed:

> >> Another good long-term solution might be if "condensed" could be another
> >> property added to font-variant in the CSS specs.
> >>
> > What would be the benefit over implementing the font-stretch property
> > already standardised by the w3c a few § under your link?
> Nimbus Sans L doesn't need "stretching". The font files already provide a
> condensed variant @ 75% width of the base called condensed.

It seems to me the W3C description is pretty clear:

« The 'font-stretch' property selects a normal, condensed, or extended
face from a font family »

This property is not about "stretching" non-condensed faces, but about
selecting a face inside a family based on its "stretch" factor. Which is
exactly what you want for Nimbus Sans L. (the CSS specs were written in
collaboration with the Microsoft Typography guys that defined OpenType
tables; is it surprising there is a direct concept mapping?)

> The
> font-subsystem, fontconfig in this case, apparently already knows
> about it,
> but there's apparently no means for common non-PS apps to call it.

Indeed implementing 'font-stretch' only requires implementing the CSS
glue, since low-level libs are smart enough already.

Nicolas Mailhot

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