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On 2008/03/04 12:11 (GMT-0500) Bob Tennent apparently typed:

>Felix Miata wrote:

>  >|What systems did you test on that makes you think this font is
>  >|installed "on every Linux system"?

> It's one of the urw base35 clones that ghostscript depends on. Do 

> locate n019043l.pfb 

> on any Linux system. Or 

> xlsfonts | grep 'nimbus sans l-medium-r-condensed'.  

> But applications like Firefox don't see it.

I did more checking. FF can see it, assuming correct system configuration to
serve it up via fontconfig. is from Mandriva Cooker,
which matches back at least as far as v2007.0. It doesn't work in any other
distros I checked, but Mandriva apparently has proven it possible.

KDE seems to think it's a TT font, but I suppose that's a bug, since the only
such font I can locate in the fonts trees in /usr is n019043l.pfb.

For systems over which you have no control, and for current and near future,
I suggest using arial narrow as a CSS fallback for cases where more M$ fonts
are installed than just the basic web fonts.

For the long term, maybe filing some bugs against the various distros, like on SUSE, could improve things.

Another possible approach: a campaign to get the DejaVu project to add a
narrow or extra condensed sans to its suite would improve the Linux font
selection down the road sometime. Right now it has a condensed sans, but that
only shrinks its Verdana work-alike down to the size of lower case Arial.
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