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 >|>>| is from Mandriva
 >|>>|Cooker, which matches back at least as far as v2007.0.
 >|> I can't access a bugzilla.novell bug 198668.
 >|Try again. If you got the image, you can get the regular public access
 >|version. It's very slow to get a first connect, but then behaves more
 >|or less
 >|normally for https.

Thanks!  That's a different bug number.

 >|The problem is that it should solve the problem for systems under
 >|your direct
 >|control, but is that your original problem? What about the rest of
 >|Linux FF
 >|users? Maybe a fontconfig enhancement bug to include a default alias
 >|for it
 >|will be better solution than individual bugs for each distro.

I agree, assuming it's feasible. Long-term, I agree implementing
font-stretch would be best, but how likely is that (unless IE8 has it!).

Bob T.
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