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Le mercredi 05 mars 2008 à 14:25 -0500, Felix Miata a écrit :

> Watch the Novell bug's resolution, then consider following it up with
> something similar in Fedora's bugzilla and/or manually doing whatever is
> required to fix the Novell bug.

The Novell's bug is asking to imitate Mandriva and change an existing
font file to workaround an application bug. This does not scale you'd
need to change the family of all the popular in-the-wild condensed fonts
(assuming their license allow it) to make condensed selection by family
name work. And then change wide narrow ultra-condensed extra-condensed
semi-condensed semi-expanded expanded extra-expanded ultra-expanded
fonts too to cater for web designers that want the corresponding stretch

> Another good long-term solution might be if "condensed" could be another
> property added to font-variant in the CSS specs.

What would be the benefit over implementing the font-stretch property
already standardised by the w3c a few § under your link?

Nicolas Mailhot

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