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On 01/18/2014 05:15 PM, Martin Tarenskeen wrote:

On 2014-01-18 05:21, Brendan Jones wrote:

 I'm starting to think that there is little point having a spin at all.
 My original idea was that having the spin would encourage more users
 to use Fedora and as a result create some kind of community (and
 hopefully attract more upstream developers).

 This hasn't happened. I'm too busy to blog, promote, berate the
 goodness of the Jam etc. Maybe someone else is. Maybe we are not
 promoting ourselves enough? I don't know. Maybe we are being lazy.

I am a Fedora user, and I use Fedora to make music. But for me
personally the Fedora Jam spin is not my choice. On my main computer I
use the standard Fedora desktop distribution with Gnome3, on my EeePC
netbook I use a lightweight LXDE spin. Then on top of these I install
all the music related packages that I need from the official Fedora,
RPMFusion and PlanetCCRMA repositories, including the kernel-rt package.

Why would I use Fedora Jam? I don't even like KDE.

Pretty much the same here - I always just install standard Fedora desktop "spin" and add XFCE (+ bunch of individual packages on top). Which is utterly trivial because its just a matter of "yum groupinstall xfce-desktop". And then on the two computers I use for making music, hunt down all the individual bits and pieces required.

The good thing is that, from the moment people started to think about a
special Musicians Spin several interesting packages, requested by
members of this mailinglist, have been added to the official Fedora

What I would like to see is that I could do something like:

# sudo yum groupinstall "Fedora Jam"

to install a nice selection of must-have music production software, like
what is now in the Fedora Jam spin, after installing the Fedora version
of my choice.

+100 for that, except perhaps a more descriptive name like "music-production" or "audio-production" for the group name. It'll require maintaining two different places (comps + kickstart) instead of just the spin-kickstart, but it'll make the result of that bit of extra work far more widely usable. That's how other spins are constructed as well, AFAIK.

	- Panu -
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