Fedora 21 and beyond

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Hey all,

Where to next? (ha ha Fedora next - we will see)

A few points:

- we have had the same wallpaper for 3 spins now (yes I created it and it is awesome but could be better - should change with every release)

- there is a legal issue with the icons we are using - there is a bug raised but not actioned. We really need the offending icons removed or choose a new set. Maintainer is AWOL

- we still haven't solved the problem of seamlessly integrating pulse and jack

I'm starting to think that there is little point having a spin at all. My original idea was that having the spin would encourage more users to use Fedora and as a result create some kind of community (and hopefully attract more upstream developers).

This hasn't happened. I'm too busy to blog, promote, berate the goodness of the Jam etc. Maybe someone else is. Maybe we are not promoting ourselves enough? I don't know. Maybe we are being lazy.

In any case, I will not be taking on any more packages, unless explicitly asked by someone who actually gives a damn.

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