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Once upon a time Sunday 25 February 2007, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> Ville Skyttä schrieb:
> > On Sunday 25 February 2007, Dennis Gilmore wrote:
> >> Author: ausil
> >> Update of /cvs/extras/owners
> >> In directory
> >>
> >> Modified Files:
> >> 	owners.epel.list
> >> Log Message:
> >> add missing items from EPEL list
> >
> > Looks like this was done without asking the respective package owners
> > whether they're interested in maintaining those packages in EPEL.  I know
> > I wasn't asked, yet rpmlint and rpmdevtools were imported by someone else
> > but assigned to me. [...]
> I suppose this was an error, and I suppose this error is limited to
> those two packages. Those two are quite crucial to because most of us
> use them to (test-) build package builds on EL. So those were in the
> first bunch of test-packages that got build in the testing phase. All
> the other packages should afaik have been build only when the Fedora
> maintainer asked for a EPEL branch.
> I'm willing to take the two if you don't want them and if that's okay
> for you.
I'm also willing to help,  rpmdevtools is used in every single EPEL build root 
the same as for Fedora.   there was alot of things branched with no entry in 
owners.epel.list so i sripted inserting them from owners.list.  Im sorry that 
it happened this way.  There should be nothing else thats been branched like 


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