Re: Access superseded Fedora RPMs

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> Am 08.09.23 um 22:32 schrieb Michel Lind:
> Are you sure it's working?
> [root ~]# dnf --enablerepo=updates-archive list firefox*
> Letzte Prüfung auf abgelaufene Metadaten: vor 0:04:10 am Sa 09 Sep 2023 
> 09:39:57 CEST.
> Installierte Pakete
> firefox.x86_64 117.0-1.fc37                                 @@commandline
> firefox-langpacks.x86_64 117.0-1.fc37                                 
> @@commandline
> Verfügbare Pakete
> firefox-pkcs11-loader.x86_64 
> 3.13.6-8.fc37                                fedora
> firefox-wayland.x86_64 117.0-1.fc37                                 updates
> firefox-wayland.x86_64 117.0-1.fc37                                 
> updates-archive
> firefox-x11.x86_64 117.0-1.fc37                                 updates
> firefox-x11.x86_64 117.0-1.fc37                                 
> updates-archive
> [root ~]#
> The Base URL accessed via firefox gives out an ACCESS DENIED. That may 
> be intended, but isn't helpfull ;)
> best regards,
> Marius Schwarz

Try using showduplicates

dnf  --enablerepo=updates-archive --showduplicates list firefox*
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