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On 2023-09-08 12:58, Kai A. Hiller wrote:
I’m trying to recreate – on the level of RPMs – a Fedora system as resolved by DNF at an earlier moment in time (think lockfile). Collecting a list of the installed RPMs and their versions for a given system is easily done via `dnf list installed`; though, afaict these RPMs in their exact versions may no longer be available at Fedora mirrors at a later point in time. This leads to my question: Is there a Fedora-canonical way of finding and attaining these superseded RPMs?

The only versions available are the initially released version in the "fedora" repo and the *latest* version in the "fedora-updates" repo. Any updates other than the latest are only available in koji for a limited time.

(Alternatively, I was thinking about hosting a private, modified mirror that serves all versions of an RPM. Does that sound like a good idea?)

If you need the intermediate versions, that's a good option.
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