Re: SPDX MIT license , what todo ?

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On 08-09-2023 16:48, Sérgio Basto wrote:


done [1] thanks , btw another question I don't need do a new build
isn't it ?
No, since there was no license change - in your case not even the
specifier changed 😄

and if the license format changed , should we build a new release ? and
in all branches or just in rawhide ?

I believe, and Miroslav will correct me if I'm wrong, the script looks at the changelog and searches for SPDX. As long as there's a changelog entry, the package is considered migrated.

However, if the License: tag value changes, it is recommended to rebuild, so the new license makes it into the package. Of course, this can also be done with the next update or mass rebuild.

-- Sandro
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