SPDX MIT license , what todo ?

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xdg-utils is a MIT License [1] what SPDX license have [2] ? if it is
already a valid SPDX formula , what I should write on changelog ? 

Thank you 


License-fedora2spdx MIT
Warning: more options on how to interpret MIT. Possible options:
['Adobe-Glyph', 'BSL-1.0', 'Boehm-GC', 'HP-1986', 'HPND-sell-variant',
'HPND', 'ICU', 'MIT-CMU', 'MIT-Festival', 'MIT-Modern-Variant', 'MIT-
enna', 'MIT-feh', 'MIT-open-group', 'MIT', 'NTP', 'SGI-B-2.0', 'SMLNJ',
'UnixCrypt', 'Xfig', 'libtiff', 'mpich2']
{{pick MIT choice}}

Note: the input is already valid SPDX formula, But that may be a
because the legacy identifier represented the whole family of licenses.
Please check if the license would match one of the licenses above.
Sérgio M. B.
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