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Am Sa., 9. Sept. 2023 um 03:05 Uhr schrieb Brendan Conoboy <blc@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi folks,
> In March of this year, Josh Boyer sent out a message to Fedora's devel list letting everybody know RHEL was going to move from to (Jira) in the future [1].  The work on this activity has proceeded with relative quiet since, although a couple weeks ago Florian mentioned on centos-devel that Platform Tools had begun to move [2].  I'm now providing a more official followup:
> All new issues found or desired in RHEL (Or CentOS Stream) need to be filed on  It's no longer possible to create new BZs for current RHEL (7 through 9) releases.  Over the next few weeks, most RHEL BZs will be migrated to tickets in the RHEL project on  The BZs that are migrated will be closed with resolution MIGRATED and a pointer to the Jira issue included in the external links section of each respective BZ.  Issues that don't get migrated may still be worked on in Bugzilla- only new BZ creation is disabled, and only disabled in RHEL products.  Like before, most new RHEL issues are publicly visible by default, without any login required to view.
> RHEL making this change does not imply or require that Fedora do the same.  Rather, I'm mentioning this here because many community members who contribute to Fedora via Bugzilla also do the same for RHEL and we appreciate those contributions.  People are welcome to create an account on, just like was done on previously, see what we're up to, file issues, and contribute there as well.  We've created a hopefully-helpful article with account basics to get your account setup [3].
> I've sent a similar message to centos-devel, so apologies if you're reading this a second time.
> References:
> 1. Initial Announcement -
> 2. Migration Starting -
> 3. account basics -

I might have overlooked this, but my impression is:
- migration created jira accounts automatically
- they are not necessarily connected to your RH account (or whatever
it is called what you use for RHEL devel licenses)
- Reconneting things does not seem to be covered in that article

Michael (or is it mjg? mjg_fedoraproject? michaeljgruber? ...?)
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