Fedora 39 compose report: 20230909.n.0 changes

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OLD: Fedora-39-20230908.n.0
NEW: Fedora-39-20230909.n.0

===== SUMMARY =====
Added images:        2
Dropped images:      2
Added packages:      0
Dropped packages:    0
Upgraded packages:   1
Downgraded packages: 0

Size of added packages:      0 B
Size of dropped packages:    0 B
Size of upgraded packages:   23.74 MiB
Size of downgraded packages: 0 B

Size change of upgraded packages:   109.58 KiB
Size change of downgraded packages: 0 B

===== ADDED IMAGES =====
Image: i3 live aarch64
Path: Spins/aarch64/iso/Fedora-i3-Live-aarch64-39-20230909.n.0.iso
Image: LXQt live aarch64
Path: Spins/aarch64/iso/Fedora-LXQt-Live-aarch64-39-20230909.n.0.iso

===== DROPPED IMAGES =====
Image: Workstation live aarch64
Path: Workstation/aarch64/iso/Fedora-Workstation-Live-aarch64-39-20230908.n.0.iso
Image: Sericea dvd-ostree x86_64
Path: Sericea/x86_64/iso/Fedora-Sericea-ostree-x86_64-39-20230908.n.0.iso

===== ADDED PACKAGES =====


Package:      anaconda-39.32.2-1.fc39
Old package:  anaconda-39.32.1-1.fc39
Summary:      Graphical system installer
RPMs:         anaconda anaconda-core anaconda-dracut anaconda-gui anaconda-install-env-deps anaconda-install-img-deps anaconda-live anaconda-tui anaconda-webui anaconda-widgets anaconda-widgets-devel
Size:         23.74 MiB
Size change:  109.58 KiB
  * Thu Sep 07 2023 Packit <hello@xxxxxxxxxx> - 39.32.2-1
  - Use Firefox environment variables for styling (mkolman)
  - Copy /var/lib/gnome-initial-setup/state to installed system (rstrode)
  - webui: add pixel test for modify storage test (rvykydal)
  - webui: use Blivet-gui name instead of Blivet (rvykydal)
  - Revert the ESP maximum size back to 600MiB (richard)
  - webui: add tests for modify storage dialogs (rvykydal)
  - webui: if blivet-gui exits earlier then the delay update the dialog
  - webui: do not show rescan dialog in case of critical error (rvykydal)
  - webui: make blivet-gui start failure a Critical Error (rvykydal)
  - webui: catch errors when spawning blivet-gui (rvykydal)
  - webui: add dialogs around launching blivet-gui (rvykydal)
  - webui: show error name in Critical Error dialog only if it exists (rvykydal)
  - core: Look up live user from PKEXEC_UID (rstrode)
  - webui: Show warning when trying to use non-ASCII LUKS passphrase (vtrefny)
  - webui: tests: move wait for re-scanning to finish before moving forward with
    the tests (kkoukiou)
  - webui: When re-scanning don't reset disk selection (kkoukiou)
  - Update translations from Weblate for fedora-39 (github-actions)
  - j2 render: Preserve hashbangs (vslavik)
  - j2 render: Flip logic for empty result (vslavik)
  - j2 render: Clean up details (vslavik)
  - Update translations from Weblate

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