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On 09-09-2023 05:33, Brendan Conoboy wrote:
On Fri, Sep 8, 2023 at 7:34 PM Maxwell G <maxwell@xxxxxxx> wrote:

2023-09-09T01:05:39Z Brendan Conoboy <blc@xxxxxxxxxx>:

All new issues found or desired in RHEL (Or CentOS Stream) need to be
filed on[].
Hi Brendan,

Thanks for the update.

How can I watch (i.e. get email notifications about) specific packages'
bugs in Jira like I could with
<>? I
currently watch ansible-core bugs so I can keep up with RHEL changes and
properly maintain the ansible community package in EPEL.

Hey, this is a great question, especially because I have a decent answer
;-)  I don't think there is an exact analogue, but this approach will
probably do what you want, and maybe be even better:

0. I'm assuming you've created an account and are logged in.
1. Visit, open the Issues drop-down menu, and select
2. Enter this search term: "project = RHEL and component = ansible-core"
and click "Search". You'll see all current issues.  This is called a filter
and it works approximately like an SQL query. It's fast.
3. Click the "Save as" button just above the dialogue box. This will let
you save the filter for later use, sharing, etc. Let's say you call it
"epel ansible-core bugs"
4. Return to the Issues drop-down menu and select "Manage Filters". You'll
be taken to a page that shows all the filters you own, probably just "epel
ansible-core bugs" to start.
5. On the row showing "epel ansible-core bugs" you'll see a column with a
link titled "Subscribe".  Pick the frequency you'd like to have it run, and
you'll get an email with the results of the filter on that frequency.
6. Soon you'll get tired of seeing the same stuff, and want to change the
filter to something like "project = RHEL and component = ansible-core and
(createdDate > -1d OR updatedDate > -1d)".  You can do that, save it to the
same filter, and you'll get that report instead.

There's a ton of documentation, youtube videos, etc out there on Jira
intrinsics like this.  If we find that there's a need for some
Fedora-flavored documentation to support EPEL that's cool, let's figure out
where to put it and we'll make it happen.

I think you just made perfectly clear why Jira is a beast [1] not aimed at usability. I hope Red Hat will heed the feedback of their customers once that beast is unleashed upon them.

For context: Years ago I had to manage a stack of Atlassian tools, with Jira being one of them. We came from Bugzilla. I hated it ever since. Adding insult to injury: the development process didn't improve. Yes managers were able to produce nice graphics, but developers in that company were still the same old Java boneheads. It's true what they say about old dogs.

Since there are now two issue trackers on the domain (bugzilla.rh.c and issues.rh.c), would it be an idea to migrate bugzilla.rh.c to bugzilla.fp.o (or better bugs.fp.o)?

[1] At least Atlassian sort of admit it by choosing the name Jira:

-- Sandro
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