Donate 1 minute of your time to test upgrades from F38 to F39

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Do you want to make Fedora 39 better? Please spend 1 minute of your time and try to run:

# Run this only if you use default Fedora modules
# next time you run any DNF command default modules will be enabled again
sudo dnf module reset '*'

dnf --releasever=39 --setopt=module_platform_id=platform:f39 \
--enablerepo=updates-testing \
$(rpm -q
fedora-repos-modular >/dev/null && echo --enablerepo=updates-testing-modular) \
--assumeno distro-sync

This command does not replace `dnf system-upgrade`, but it will reveal potential problems.

You may also run `dnf upgrade` before running this command.

The `--assumeno` will just test the transaction, but does not make the actual upgrade.

In case you hit dependency issues, please report it against the appropriate package.

Or against fedora-obsolete-packages if that package should be removed in Fedora 39. Please check existing reports against fedora-obsolete-packages first:

and also there is already bunch of "Fails to install" (F39FailsToInstall) reports:

Two notes:

* you may want to run the same command with dnf5 to help test new dnf.

* this command found zero issues on my personal system - great work all everybody!

Thank you

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