Re: Donate 1 minute of your time to test upgrades from F38 to F39

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just a note rpmfusion free and nofree not ready....

however all was succesfull with adding the parameters --best -- allowerasing

Installing weak dependencies:

 avif-pixbuf-loader                                   x86_64  0.11.1-11.fc39                              fedora                                           16 k
 google-noto-sans-mono-cjk-vf-fonts                   noarch  1:2.004-4.fc39                              fedora                                           14 M
 qadwaitadecorations-qt5                              x86_64  0.1.0-1.fc39                                fedora                                           51 k
 qadwaitadecorations-qt6                              x86_64  0.1.0-1.fc39                                fedora                                           59 k
 kernel                                               x86_64  6.4.7-200.fc38                              @updates                                          0  
 kernel-core                                          x86_64  6.4.7-200.fc38                              @updates                                         65 M
 kernel-devel                                         x86_64  6.4.7-200.fc38                              @updates                                         68 M
 kernel-modules                                       x86_64  6.4.7-200.fc38                              @updates                                         54 M
 kernel-modules-core                                  x86_64  6.4.7-200.fc38                              @updates                                         30 M
 kernel-modules-extra                                 x86_64  6.4.7-200.fc38                              @updates                                        2.4 M

Removing dependent packages:

 kmod-nvidia-6.4.7-200.fc38.x86_64                    x86_64  3:535.86.05-1.fc38                          @@commandline                                    43 M
 kmod-v4l2loopback-6.4.7-200.fc38.x86_64              x86_64  0.12.7^20230503g2c9b670-1.fc38              @@commandline                                    24 k
 libgweather                                          x86_64  40.0-5.fc38                                 @fedora                                          22 M
 protonvpn                                            noarch  1.0.0-3                                     @protonvpn-fedora-stable                          0  
 protonvpn-gui                                        noarch  1.12.0-1                                    @protonvpn-fedora-stable                        7.0 M
 python3-PyDrive                                      noarch  1.3.1-21.fc37                               @fedora                                         223 k
 python3-async-generator                              noarch  1.10-16.fc38                                @fedora                                         232 k
 python3-autopep8                                     noarch  1.6.0-6.fc38                                @fedora                                         570 k
 python3-fastcache                                    x86_64  1.1.0-14.fc37                               @fedora                                          58 k
 python3-flake8-docstrings                            noarch  1.6.0-4.fc38                                @fedora                                          21 k
 python3-googletrans                                  noarch  4.0.0~rc1-9.fc37                            @fedora                                         102 k
 python3-jsonrpc-server                               noarch  0.4.0-8.fc38                                @fedora                                          57 k
 python3-lsp-black                                    noarch  1.2.0-4.fc38                                @fedora                                          25 k
 python3-lsp-server                                   noarch  1.4.1-3.fc37                                @fedora                                         350 k
 python3-protego                                      noarch  0.2.1-4.fc38                                @fedora                                         187 k
 python3-proton-client                                noarch  0.7.1-3                                     @protonvpn-fedora-stable                         64 k
 python3-protonvpn-nm-lib                             noarch  3.16.0-1.fc38                               @protonvpn-fedora-stable                        431 k
 python3-pydocstyle                                   noarch  6.0.0-7.fc38                                @fedora                                         351 k
 python3-pygpu                                        x86_64  0.7.6-19.fc38                               @fedora                                         1.1 M
 python3-pyls-spyder                                  noarch  0.4.0-6.fc38                                @fedora                                          27 k
 python3-pyside2                                      x86_64  1:5.15.7-2.fc38                             @fedora                                          48 M
 python3-pytest-flake8                                noarch  1.1.1-4.fc38                                @updates                                         33 k
 python3-qdarkstyle                                   noarch  3.0.2-7.fc38                                @fedora                                         2.0 M
 python3-scrapy                                       noarch  2.6.1-4.fc38                                @fedora                                         1.9 M
 python3-shiboken2                                    x86_64  1:5.15.7-2.fc38                             @fedora                                         600 k
 python3-spyder                                       noarch  5.3.1-6.fc38                                @fedora                                          22 M
 python3-theano                                       noarch  1.1.2-6.fc38                                @fedora                                          17 M
 blivet-gui                                           noarch  2.4.1-3.fc39                                fedora                                           20 k
 blivet-gui-runtime                                   noarch  2.4.1-3.fc39                                fedora                                          412 k
 buildah                                              x86_64  1.31.0-2.fc39                               fedora                                          8.4 M
 fwupd                                                x86_64  1.9.3-1.fc39                                fedora                                          1.9 M
 fwupd-plugin-flashrom                                x86_64  1.9.3-1.fc39                                fedora                                           24 k
 fwupd-plugin-modem-manager                           x86_64  1.9.3-1.fc39                                fedora                                           56 k
 fwupd-plugin-uefi-capsule-data                       x86_64  1.9.3-1.fc39                                fedora                                          1.9 M
 httpie                                               noarch  3.2.2-1.fc39                                fedora                                          314 k
 lazydocker                                           x86_64  0.20.0-1.fc38                       3.4 M
 libspatialite                                        x86_64  5.0.1-1.fc39                                fedora                                          3.1 M
 libytnef                                             x86_64  1:2.1.1-2.fc39                              fedora                                           39 k
 mawk                                                 x86_64  1:1.3.4-2.20230730.fc39                     fedora                                          146 k
 protonvpn-cli                                        noarch  2.2.11-9.fc39                               fedora                                           87 k
 python3-google-api-core                              noarch  1:2.11.1-5.fc39                             fedora                                          201 k
 python3-googleapis-common-protos                     noarch  1.60.0-1.fc39                               fedora                                          232 k

Transaction Summary
Install      83 Packages
Upgrade    4626 Packages
Remove       33 Packages
Downgrade    16 Packages

Total download size: 6.9 G
Operation aborted.

great work


El 23/8/23 a las 20:22, Miroslav Suchý escribió:

Do you want to make Fedora 39 better? Please spend 1 minute of your time and try to run:

# Run this only if you use default Fedora modules
# next time you run any DNF command default modules will be enabled again
sudo dnf module reset '*'

dnf --releasever=39 --setopt=module_platform_id=platform:f39 \
--enablerepo=updates-testing \
$(rpm -q
fedora-repos-modular >/dev/null && echo --enablerepo=updates-testing-modular) \
--assumeno distro-sync

This command does not replace `dnf system-upgrade`, but it will reveal potential problems.

You may also run `dnf upgrade` before running this command.

The `--assumeno` will just test the transaction, but does not make the actual upgrade.

In case you hit dependency issues, please report it against the appropriate package.

Or against fedora-obsolete-packages if that package should be removed in Fedora 39. Please check existing reports against fedora-obsolete-packages first:

and also there is already bunch of "Fails to install" (F39FailsToInstall) reports:

Two notes:

* you may want to run the same command with dnf5 to help test new dnf.

* this command found zero issues on my personal system - great work all everybody!

Thank you

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