Re: Mounting A RBD Via Kernal Modules

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Hi Curt,

Blockdev --getbsz: 4096

Rbd info my_pool.meta/my_image:


rbd image 'my_image':
        size 4 TiB in 1048576 objects
        order 22 (4 MiB objects)
        snapshot_count: 0
        id: 294519bf21a1af
        block_name_prefix: rbd_data.30.294519bf21a1af
        format: 2
        features: layering, exclusive-lock, object-map, fast-diff, deep-flatten, data-pool
        create_timestamp: Sun Mar 24 17:44:33 2024
        access_timestamp: Sun Mar 24 17:44:33 2024
        modify_timestamp: Sun Mar 24 17:44:33 2024

On 24/03/2024 21:10, Curt wrote:
Hey Mathew,

One more thing out of curiosity can you send the output of blockdev --getbsz on the rbd dev and rbd info?

I'm using 16TB rbd images without issue, but I haven't updated to reef .2 yet.

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