Re: Mounting A RBD Via Kernal Modules

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Hi Alexander,


Thanks for pointing out my typo - I missed it, and yes, it was my issue.  :-)

New issue (sort of): The requirement of the new RBD Image is 2 TB in size (its for a MariaDB Database/Data Warehouse). However, I'm getting the following errors:


mkfs.xfs: pwrite failed: Input/output error
libxfs_bwrite: write failed on (unknown) bno 0x7fffff00/0x100, err=5
mkfs.xfs: Releasing dirty buffer to free list!
found dirty buffer (bulk) on free list!

I tested with a 100 GB image in the same pool and was 100% successful, so I'm now wondering if there is some sort of Ceph RBD Image size limit - although, honestly, that seems to be counter-intuitive to me considering CERN uses Ceph for their data storage needs.

Any ideas / thoughts?



On 23/03/2024 18:52, Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
Hello Dulux-Oz,

Please treat the RBD as a normal block device. Therefore, "mkfs" needs
to be run before mounting it.

The mistake is that you run "mkfs xfs" instead of "mkfs.xfs" (space vs
dot). And, you are not limited to xfs, feel free to use ext4 or btrfs
or any other block-based filesystem.

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