Mounting A RBD Via Kernal Modules

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Hi All,

I'm trying to mount a Ceph Reef (v18.2.2 - latest version) RBD Image as a 2nd HDD on a Rocky Linux v9.3 (latest version) host.

The EC pool has been created and initialised and the image has been created.

The ceph-common package has been installed on the host.

The correct keyring has been added to the host (with a chmod of 600) and the host has been configure with an rbdmap file as follows: `my_pool.meta/my_image id=ceph_user,keyring=/etc/ceph/ceph.client.ceph_user.keyring`.

When running the rbdmap.service the image appears as both `/dev/rbd0` and `/dev/rbd/my_pool.meta/my_image`, exactly as the Ceph Doco says it should.

So everything *appears* AOK up to this point.

My question now is: Should I run `mkfs xfs` on `/dev/rbd0` *before* or *after* I try to mount the image (via fstab: `/dev/rbd/my_pool.meta/my_image  /mnt/my_image  xfs  noauto  0 0` - as per the Ceph doco)?

The reason I ask is that I've tried this *both* ways and all I get is an error message (sorry, can't remember the exact messages and I'm not currently in front of the host to confirm it  :-) - but from memory it was something about not being able to recognise the 1st block - or something like that).

So, I'm obviously doing something wrong, but I can't work out what exactly (and the logs don't show any useful info).

Do I, for instance, have the process wrong / don't understand the exact process, or is there something else wrong?

All comments/suggestions/etc greatly appreciated - thanks in advance


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