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On Thu, Jul 13, 2023 at 10:48 AM Gordon Messmer
<gordon.messmer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 2023-07-13 03:12, Simon Matter wrote:
> > As I found out yesterday, the fragmentation of the "Enterprise Linux"
> > ecosystem just started to come true.
> I've been trying to figure out what SUSE meant when they announced a
> "hard fork" of RHEL.  If they mean to maintain a fork that remains
> interface-compatible with RHEL (and a fork that doesn't remain
> compatible doesn't make much sense, because the thing that everyone
> wants is the benefit of RHEL's integration with other vendors), then
> they'll probably periodically branch from Stream, the same way that RHEL
> does.
> If that happens, and if it's successful, the irony is that through poor
> communication, Red Hat might have actually made progress in creating a
> *less* fragmented ecosystem of distributions all conforming to a common
> ABI, descending from Stream.
> > I expect this is only the beginning
> > and Red Hat may also start to completely hold back sources of non GPL
> > software which is part of the "Enterprise Linux" ecosystem.
> I think that's exactly the opposite of the direction that Red Hat is
> moving.  CentOS Stream makes the RHEL product more open than it has ever
> been -- including making it easier to create real Enterprise-ready
> products that compete on level ground with RHEL, in ways that clones
> never could.

 I get it, I have seen you post this over and over in the mail list in
regards to how great Centos Stream is. Well its not what the original
Centos was, its something very different, it may work for you and
others but it's not the same. If it were we would not be having this
discussion and there would be no need for Rocky, alma etc..If it was
what the community wanted then we would not have seen the mass exodus
to other distro's that came to try to fill the gap, no it's not the
same at all, it's different and thats fine but folks are free to chose
to use it or something else. Seems most have chosen to use something
else and RH continues to burn them down also...again it's there
choice, so now that I see what they really want to do I also have a
choice to not to continue or recommend their product, again as
referenced by one of the many RH articles, we are all just freeloaders
so we shouldn't be missed.
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