Re: How will fragmentation help Red Hat

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> On 2023-07-13 05:11, mario juliano grande-balletta wrote:
>> IBM wants to make money, PERIOD.  They paid billions for RedHat and
>> investors, executives, want ROI and profit, period.  No excuses.
>> So, they are locking down RedHat and closing channels to important
>> software/materials.  It is what companies do all the time.
> I see this hypothesis relatively often, but there's no evidence to
> support it, and it doesn't make much logical sense.
> If Red Hat (or IBM) wanted to "lock down" RHEL, they wouldn't be
> focusing on Stream, which opens it up (and makes it easier to fork.)

IMHO Red Hat is focusing on Stream, because the community helps them to
build RHEL, without losing their own benefit of the long term support in
the final product, RHEL.


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