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On Wed, Feb 15, 2006 at 06:31:08PM -0800, T. Joseph CARTER wrote:
> Samuel, Karl pointed out in an offlist reply the obvious--that indentation
> doesn't matter or help a totally blind person much.  (I'd argue it does if
> they have a Braille display, but these things are expensive as we all
> know far too well..)
They are expensive but that's beside the point. Quite a few people have
braille displays, especially in Europe where, apparently, some governments
offer subsedies or even meet the entire cost. 
Indentation is helpful when reading code with a braille display, as it is if
one has speech software that announces the indentation level at the start of
each line. Emacspeak is a superb example.

I think a braille display is ideal for programming. In writing shell scripts
and reading code for various other purposes I've found it much more convenient
to work in braille - yes, I'm one of the lucky ones who found funding with
which to purchase a braille display, in a country where state subsedies for
such equipment aren't offered.

My advice: indent your code properly if you want others to read it, and
disability has nothing to do with it.

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